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Uncollected Recent Writings

These writings from print and online sources explain the concepts underlying the Republic of Rumi (publications and uncollected writings up to 2006 are not included in this list).

By Khurram Ali Shafique

The Spirit of All Human Beings

Armaan of a Nation

Bhittai: the Visionary

Iqbal: the Dream of Reality

Consensus Poets of Pakistan

Farewell, Pervez Malik

The Mystery Behind Waheed Murad

The Inevitable Destination

Spiritual Democracy

New discoveries about the Reconstruction

A new world has no classics of its own and therefore its ideals are represented by bestsellers and blockbusters that will become classics when this world grows up. Nietzsche, Conrad, Kafka, Yeats and Eliot may be worshipped in the lecture halls of Western madrasahs but they are not shaping our world (and shouldn’t we be thankful for that!).

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