The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Part 5: The Second Reversal

Here the world is revisited in the light of the principles of the Garden. The guide for this stage is Shabistry (Chapter 61), who leads to the Spirit of Muslim Culture (Chapter 75).

61. Shabistry

61. Shabistry: In the New Garden of Mystery, the reader is offered nine essential questions

62. The Museum of Slavery

62. The Museum of Slavery: The reader is shown samples of art, music and religion of the slaves

63. Taj Mahal

63. Taj Mahal: The reader is shown an example of the architecture of free souls

64. Javidnama 64. Javidnama: The reader sees a planetarium in the middle of the Garden
65. Deja Vu 65. Déjà Vu: ‘Prologue in Heaven’, containing a parable about the theme of the journey to be undertaken in Javidnama
66. Zurvan 66. Zurvan: ‘Prologue on Earth’ in which the spirit of Rumi invites Iqbal on a spiritual journey in search of immortality and the guardian angel of Time and Space appears
67. Vishvamitra 67. Vishvamitra: On Moon, which is the first stop in the spiritual journey, ancient Hindu sage Vishvamitra gives Iqbal his blessings and nine sayings
68. Sarosh 68. Sarosh: The angel who inspires poets appears before Rumi and Iqbal, and sings a ghazal
69. The Valley of Prophets 69. The Valley of Prophets: Rumi shows Iqbal the cryptic tablets of four prophets: Buddha, Zarathustra, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon him)
70. The World of Quran 70. The World of Quran: On Mercury, which is the second stop in the spiritual journey, Jamaluddin Afghani discloses the secrets of the world of Quran
71. The Fall of the Idols 71. The Fall of the Idols: On Venus, which is the third stop in the spiritual journey, the rebirth of ancient gods is thwarted by Rumi through recital of Iqbal’s poetry
72. Ta-Ha 72. Ta-Ha: In a lifeless sea, Rumi and Iqbal find the doomed spirits of tyrants – Pharaoh and Lord Kitchener – and the spirit of Mahdi of Sudan comes to visit from heaven
73. Barkhia 73. Barkhia: On Mars, which is the fourth stop in the spiritual journey, Rumi and Iqbal come upon an inside-out world
74. The Enchantress 74. The Enchantress: The ideal world of Mars is threatened by the denial of love
75. The Spirit of Muslim Culture

75. The Spirit of Muslim Culture: On Jupiter, which is the fifth stop, Rumi and Iqbal meet spirits of Mansur Hallaj, Quratul Ain Tahira and Mirza Ghalib, who were offered Paradise but chose traveling. An interview with the Devil follows.

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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality (2007) is an interactive summary of the works of the Poet-Philosopher Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), which can be traced back to the message and purpose of Rumi. It is a voice of hopefulness and a call for bringing a positive change.

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