The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality
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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality

By Khurram Ali Shafique

Part 6: The Lowest Point

Here the inner world is presenrted in the light of the principles learnt in the Garden. The guide for this stage is the Soul of India (Chapter 76), which leads to the saint Mujaddid (Chapter 90).

76. The Soul of India

76. The Soul of India: On Saturn, which is the sixth stop in the spiritual journey, Rumi and Iqbal see traitors Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq punished in an ocean of blood after they were refused by hell. The soul of India appears in chains.

77. Nietzsche and Sharfunisa 77. Nietzsche and Sharfunisa: As Rumi and Iqbal move “beyond the skies”, philosopher Nietzsche appears to be stranded on the border while a woman from Punjab who desired to combine truth with power has got a palace in Paradise
78. Kausar 78. Kausar: In Paradise, Rumi and Iqbal meet the Sufi master Syed Ali Hamadani, and poets Ghani of Kashmir and Bhartari Hari on the bank of the sacred stream of Kausar
79. Enlightenment 79. Enlightenment: In Paradise, Rumi and Iqbal visit the palace of kings Nadir Shah Durrani of Iran, Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan and Sultan Tipu of Mysore while classical Persian poet Nasir Khusro recites a ghazal. Iqbal doesn’t stay with houris but moves on  
80. God 80. God: Iqbal has an interview with God, sees the destiny of the world and faints
81. Javid 81. Javid: From his grave, Iqbal addresses the reader as “Javid”, which means the everlasting
82. Gabriel's Wing 82. Gabriel’s Wing: The reader enters the Wisdom of Love through Gabriel’s Wing
83. Sixteen Poems 83. Sixteen Poems: A set of sixteen poems with some similarities to the first section of Persian Psalms
84. Sixty-One Poems 84. Sixty-One Poems: A set of sixty-one poems with some similarities to the second section of Persian Psalms
85. Free Association 85. Free Association: A bunch of quatrains
86. Spain 86. Spain: The first nine poems of the second section of Gabriel’s Wing deal with the human interaction with God and include the Mosque of Cordoba, prayers of Iqbal, Spanish rulers Mutamid and Abdur Rahman I, Lenin and angels, and God’s command to angels
87. Palestine 87. Palestine: An ode to the Prophet
88. Mysteries of Life 88. Nature: A dialogue between Rumi and Iqbal in a unique setting, followed by a conversation between Devil and Gabriel
89. Napoleon's Tomb 89. Napoleon’s Tomb: Poems about Napoleon, Mussolini and King Nadir Shah of Afghanistan
090 Mujaddid 90. Mujaddid: While the Central Asia feels an internal urge for counter-revolution, the legacies of Shakespeare as well as Rumi appear to have been lost

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The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality (2007) is an interactive summary of the works of the Poet-Philosopher Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), which can be traced back to the message and purpose of Rumi. It is a voice of hopefulness and a call for bringing a positive change.

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